Welcome to our
Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird page !

This page is dedicated too our three Blackbirds. The first one is 1997 mod, and the second is 2005 mod. In 2005 they came in two-tone colours, and they are good looking bikes. My first bike was a 1984 Suzuki GSX 750 ES. It was a good and reliable bike, and when I sold it in 2000 it had 250.000 km on the clock. 220.000 of those was my doing.

In 2000 I bought the 1997 bike, and it had 16.000 km on the clock. I was in bike heaven when i took it out on the first ride, and the bike fitted me like a glove. I'm a tall and big guy, and my body isn't made for small Suzuki's. I fitted the bike a Dynojet kit, and it accelerated cleaner than before, and it got some more power.

In 2006 i bought the 2005 bike, and it was brand new. It had 100 mtr. on the clock. though my other bike is 8 years older, the changes isn't big. The throttle is more aggressive with the injection, but the bike has less power than the 1997 mod. The bike is fitted with Bridgestone tires, and I will change them to Dunlop 205 as soon they are worn out. Before I have tried Pirelli, Metzeler, Avon and Michelin. But none of those is as good as Dunlop. The Metzeler was grate, but had terrible mileage. I used 2 rear tires in one seasons, but the Dunlop lasts 2 seasons.

Enjoy the pics..... Ride safe....

This is the original 1997 bike with the
Blackbird it borrowed the name from.

A butifull sight they are...

Now they are suited with Givi...

I made 2 bokses. One blue for our dog, and a silver for extra space,

and the bagster is on..

A nice pair they are...

You thought I was kidding when I said "for our dog" !

This is "Freddie" our Basset Hound. Where we go, he follows.

The bike is 8 hours old... I love those CBR details...

The black one we only had for a year..

More pics will be added in the future. "Bamse"